New Home, New Hope : Building Relationships with Refugee Families

Building Relationships with Refugee Families

How Does New Home, New Hope Work?

New Home, New Hope reaches refugee families coming into the United States through home visits, Bible study and furniture donations.

Home Visits

The primary ministry of New Home, New Hope is accomplished through consistent home visits with refugee families. Stephen currently ministers to more than 50 families in six local apartment complexes in Clarkston, a number which grows every month as families share his work with other residents and new families that have just arrived to the United States.

Every week, Stephen makes multiple visits to each family’s home to fellowship with them, asses their needs and offers his assistance whenever possible. Many times he provides transportation to the grocery store, the hospital and job interviews. Other times, he helps families fill out important government paperwork or facilitates getting furniture for their apartments.

Once Stephen has built a foundation with a family through meeting their physical needs, he then begins to attend to their spiritual needs. While being sensitive to the traditional Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic beliefs carried by most refugee families, he begins to present the Gospel and other Christian teachings during his home visits and prays for each family both before he leaves and throughout the week. He also invites families to church and personally provides transportation to DBC on Sunday mornings.

Bible Study

In addition to home visits, Stephen has started a weekly Bible study for families at one of the apartment complexes. Each Saturday night, residents at Indian Valley Apartments gather together to read scripture, discuss the Word of God, ask questions and pray together. Stephen arranges guest speakers to guide the studies and minister to the families, and he also leads many of the studies himself. As the ministry continues to grow, additional Bible studies at other apartment complexes are anticipated.

Secondhand Treasures

Another outreach element of New Home, New Hope is a furniture donation network and system called Secondhand Treasures. Through a partnership with Bulldog Movers, Stephen is able to locate and provide furniture to refugees for their new apartments.
Donate furniture to Secondhand Treasures by filling out the online request form.


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