New Home, New Hope : Building Relationships with Refugee Families

Building Relationships with Refugee Families

Future Goals

Bible Training Center
While Stephen was serving in India, he and his wife started a Bible training center that offered both spiritual and practical training opportunities. One future goal of New Home, New Hope is to invest in creating a similar facility in Clarkston, a place where refugee families can receive practical training and work skills, community resources, youth activities, as well as spiritual training and resources. The ultimate goal of the center would be to train Disciples of Christ who can bring the Gospel message out into the Clarkston community and the greater Atlanta area.

Relationship Building
The core success of New Home, New Hope comes from the personal relationships built over time between Stephen and the refugee families. His ministry has become well-known in the Clarkston community through word of mouth discussions and references, and many times this is how new families get introduced to Stephen. Building on this success through continued relationship building is essential to the continued effectiveness of the ministry.


To assure the longevity and sustainability of this ministry, one of DBC’s main goals is to cultivate a committed volunteer base to help grow and expand his work in the coming years. While a few immediate volunteer needs are listed below, many others will open up in the next few years for those who invest in and grow with the program.


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